These case studies, factsheets and other publications contain information and guidance to inform fish passage management in New Zealand.

New Zealand fish passage guidelines

Recommended best practice for designing instream structures to provide for fish passage.

New Zealand Fish Passage Guidelines.

Fish Passage Assessment Tool (FPAT)

This is an app and website to record and assess instream structures and their impact on fish passage. The information is also added to a database that is accessible to the public.

The Ministry for the Environment (MfE) has endorsed this tool, is encouraging its use and is hosting and supporting its improvement and maintenance.

Fish Passage Assessment Tool (FPAT).

Here's a basic user guide factsheet and a video on freshwater fish, the problem with in-stream barriers and how to use the fish passage assessment tool.

A guide to using FPAT factsheet (PDF, 2,208K)

Fish Passage Assessment Tool (FPAT) video.

Additional guidance is available on the Ministry for the Environment's fish passage hub on how to use this tool to meet the requirements under the fish passage NPS-FM and NES-F.

Lessons learnt case studies

These case studies provide examples of a range of fish passage problems and solutions at different structures. They provide information and guidance on how different approaches were designed and installed, monitoring results, and lessons learnt.

  1. Installation of a fish ramp and baffles to restore fish passage at a perched culvert (PDF, 344K)
  2. Installation of mussel spat rope to retrofit a perched culvert to improve passage for climbing fish (PDF, 541K)
  3. Placement of downstream rock weir and installation of culvert baffles to enable salmonid passage (PDF, 280K)
  4. Installation of a fish pass and baffles to promote trout passage through long perched culverts (PDF, 274K)
  5. Fish friendly gate installation at Whakatane's Awatapu Lagoon facilitates upstream fish passage (PDF, 556K)
  6. Fish passage facilitation by increasing flow and mussel spat rope installation on a dam spillway (PDF, 385K)
  7. Retrofitting weirs to create fish ramps in Gibbons Creek, Hamilton (PDF, 372K)
  8. Installation of Flexi-baffles to restore fish passage in a very long culvert (PDF, 1,014K)
  9. Ford removal and replacement with a bridge (PDF, 383K)
  10. Installation of mussel spat rope and rubber apron to improve passage past a highly perched culvert (PDF, 358K)
  11. Installation of floating fish ramp to provide passage for inanga (PDF, 360K)

Fish passage remediation video examples:

If you have an example of fish passage remediation that might make a good lessons learnt case study, email

Education and advocacy

These are some great resources that can be used to learn more about fish passage.

NZFPAG fish passage factsheets

Other guidance

Fish screen Facility design for water intakes

Overseas resources 

These resources are not specific to New Zealand fish but contain general information about good fish passage management. 

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