This workshop aimed to increase national coordination and facilitate sharing of the latest research and tools available to promote effective and efficient management of fish passage in New Zealand’s rivers.

Over 90 experts came together for this two day workshop on 26 and 27 November 2013.

The workshop focussed on management of fish passage at instream structures under 4m in height.

Engineers and scientists from over 56 different organisations attended, including regional and district councils, DOC, NIWA, NZTA, Kiwi Rail, Mahurangi Technical Institute, iwi, and engineering and ecological consultancies.

Fish Passage Management Symposium 2013 proceedings report (PDF, 1440K)

Symposium presentations

The first day of the workshop was targeted at scientists and ecologists and focussed on fish passage management systems, standards and gaps in knowledge.

This included presentations and discussions of standardised assessment forms, data collection, storage, national databases, guidance and research needs, updates of the latest research, education opportunities and examples of strategies organisations are using to manage fish passage.

The second day of the workshop was focussed towards engineers and was dedicated to sharing experience and discussion.

 Day one

  • Introduction - day one by Trevor James (PDF, 940K)
  • Why is fish passage important by Sjaan Bowie (PDF, 3159K)
  • Proposed NZ fish passage assessment protocols by Paul Franklin (PDF, 599K)
  • Data collection and storage by Paul Franklin (PDF, 611K)
  • Prioritisation tools and systems for remediating, maintaining or creating fish barriers by Dave West (PDF, 2421K)
  • Strategies for restoring fish passsage - Greater Wellington Regional Council by Anna Burrows (PDF, 1191K)
  • Strategies for restoring fish passage - Tasman District by Trevor James (PDF, 1023K)
  • Strategies for restoring fish passage - Environment Canterbury by David Kelly (PDF, 774K)
  • Latest research - ramp trials by Cindy Baker (PDF, 2281K)
  • Latest research - mussel spat ropes by Bruno David (PDF,1894K)
  • Latest research - tide gates by Paul Franklin (PDF, 2106K)
  • Latest research - new engineering ideas by Kelly Hughes (PDF, 2384K)
  • World fish migration day by Sjaan Bowie (PDF, 320K)

Day two

  • Introduction - day two by Trevor James (PDF, 940K)
  • Fish passage 101 by Sjaan Bowie (PDF, 3069K)
  • Integrating science and practical solutions for enhancing river connectivity by Paul Franklin and Cindy Baker (PDF, 4978K)
  • Lessons from the Tasman area by Trevor James (PDF, 4381K)
  • Lessons from the Horizons Region by Logan Brown (PDF, 2885K)
  • Lessons from the Auckland region by Matt Bloxham (PDF, 2001K)
  • Lessons from the Waikato Region by Bruno David (PDF, 1317K)
  • Practical, cost effective solutions to restoring river connectivity by Kelly Hughes (PDF, 1819K)
  • Fish passage guidance for state highways, an overview by Craig Redmond (PDF, 2696K)
  • Fish passage, an engineering perspective by Bryn Quilter (PDF, 4298K)
  • River openings and engineered manipulations by Adrian Meredith (PDF, 473K)
  • Fish passage at water intake infrastructure by Sjaan Bowie (PDF, 1662K)
  • Building barriers, saving our natives by Frances Charters (PDF, 2623K)
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