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CSP Research Advisory Group meeeting

3 December 2013

Conservation House, 18-32 Manners St, Wellington.

Chair: Dean Peterson

DOC lead: Ian Angus 

Terms of Reference: CSP RAG Terms of Reference (PDF, 55K) 

Agenda: Agenda (PDF, 44K)

Minutes: Meeting minutes (PDF, 72K)

CSP Research Summary Reports

*Note that the following two reports are still in draft form

MPI Research Summary Reports

Background information


CSP Technical Working Group meeting

21 November 2013

Conservation House, 18-32 Manners St, Wellington.

Chair: Ian Angus, DOC

AgendaAgenda (PDF, 52K) 

Minutes: Meeting minutes(PDF, 1120K)

CSP TWG presentations:

  • MIT2012-04 Surface longline seabird mitigation. Progress report and recommendations for MIT2013-02. Johanna Pierre (Dragonfly).
  • MIT2013-03 Characterisation of smaller vessel deep water bottom longline operations in relation to risk factors for seabird capture. Proposed methods. Johanna Pierre (Dragonfly). 
  • MIT2013-05 Development of bird baffler design for offshore vessels. Proposed methods. John Cleal (Clemens & Associates).
  • MIT2013-01 Sea Trials of the Kellian line setter. Proposed methods. Barry Baker (Latitude 42).
  • INT2013-04 Optimisation of observer data collection protocols. Proposed methods. Johanna Pierre (Dragonfly).
  • POP2013-02 White-capped albatross population estimate (Auckland Islands)/POP2013-01 Aerial survey of New Zealand sea lions at the Auckland Islands. Proposed methods. Barry Baker (Latitude 42).
  • Introduction of the Annual CSP Research Summary Reports. Kris Ramm & Katie Clemens (DOC)

Reports tabled:

CSP Technical Working Group meeting

1 August 2013

Conservation House, 18-32 Manners St, Wellington.

Chair: Ian Angus, DOC

Agenda: Agenda (PDF, 26K)

Minutes: Meeting minutes (PDF, 99K)

CSP TWG presentations:

Research planning for POP2013-01

  • Presentation of options for field work component of POP2013-01 New Zealand sea lion population project (Auckland Islands). Igor Debski (DOC).

CSP TWG presentations (continued):

CSP Technical Working Group

31 July 2013

Ministry for Primary Industries, The Terrace, Wellington.

Note: this is a joint meeting with the Ministry for Primary Industries Aquatic Environment Working Group (AEWG).


  • Chair (AEWG): Martin Cryer
  • Chair (CSP TWG): Ian Angus 

Agenda: Agenda (PDF, 44K)

Minutes: Meeting minutes (PDF, 78K)

Order of presentations:


  • Project PRO2010/01: Estimates of captures of seabirds in commercial fisheries in the 2011/12 fishing year:
    Presentation of available data by Ed Abraham
    Presentation of modelling methods and results by Yvan Richard.
  • For information, outline and progress in the MBIE-funded project on Threatened Marine Megafauna: Presentation by David Thompson.


CSP Technical Working Group meeting

5 June 2013

The Terrace Convention Center, 114 The Terrace, Wellington

Chair: Ian Angus

Agenda: Agenda (PDF, 65K)

Minutes: Meeting minutes (PDF, 93K)

CSP presentations:






Report tabled:

CSP-MPI research planning meeting

22 March 2013

Meeting to present protected species research proposals for 2013/14. This presentation was planned prior to formal consultation on the draft CSP Annual Plan 2013/14 and through the cost recovery processes, to allow early engagement with stakeholders. 

Agenda: Agenda (PDF, 102K)

Minutes: Meeting minutes (PDF, 114K)

On 22 March 2013 there was a joint CSP-Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) 

Relevant documents:

CSP project update

14 March 2013

The review period for the draft final report for project MIT2011-07 Warp strike mitigation devices in use on trawlers > 28 m in length operating in New Zealand fisheries is now closed.

View the final project report: Warp strike mitigation devices in New Zealand fisheries.

CSP Technical Working Group

7 March 2013

Conservation House, 18-32 Manners St, Wellington.

Note: A meeting of the Ministry for Primary Industries Aquatic Environment Working Group (AEWG) was held alongside this meeting.


  • Chair (CSP TWG): Ian Angus
  • Chair (AEWG): Martin Cryer

Agenda: Agenda (PDF, 90K)

Minutes: Meeting minutes (PDF, 91K)




  • Marine mammal risk assessment: List of populations and proposed methodology. Edward Abraham (Dragonfly).
  • Protected species capture data for the 2011-12 fishing year. Edward Abraham (Dragonfly).  
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