If you’d like to put beehives on public conservation land, follow these application guidelines.

We will need to review the suitability of any site where you'd like to host host hives on conservation land. This is to ensure hives are suitable for the location and will not have a negative impact on the environment.

Pre-application meeting

Applying for a concession for the first time can be a little tricky. To ensure your application goes smoothly we offer a free pre-application meeting. We can also help you contact your local iwi to help you assess if your proposed activity will have a cultural impact.

How to apply

Delays in processing

We currently have a backlog of applications. We're working hard to prioritise older and urgent applications. If you have any concerns contact

Download and complete the below forms to apply: 

Email your forms along with any requested documents to

We’ll process your application within approximately 45 working days of receipt, or up to 65 working days for complex applications.  If your application takes longer to process, we will contact you.

Help us process your application faster

To reduce delays in processing your application, try to provide the following information in your application:

  • the full name and status of the land (use DOC Maps to help you)
  • the specific locations or co-ordinates of where the hives will be placed and how they will be transported there
  • the number of hives
  • if you intend to keep hives on site throughout the year or for a specific time period
  • where hives will come from before they are placed
  • if you intend to transport hives around the country (when not on Public Conservation Land).

Note: If you intend to fly beehives onto the site, you will need an aircraft concession.

Application fees

The fee for a standard application is $2065 plus GST.  However, if your application is deemed complex, the standard application fee is $2565 plus GST.

When we receive your application, we'll provide you with a cost estimate. If we believe further work will be needed on it, and there will be additional costs.

You will be provided with an updated cost estimate, and be invoiced once your application is processed.

Next steps

If your application is approved, we will send you a contract which you must sign and return before you place your hives.

If your application is declined, we will send you a letter outlining why.

Successful applications

For successful applicants, you will be required to pay ongoing concession and activity fees.


Contact DOC’s Permissions Team in Hamilton:

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