Tongariro Alpine Crossing
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The Tongariro Taupō Conservation Board has an advisory and community liaison role in the conservation of the Central North Island region.

    The Tongariro Taupō Conservation Board is the community’s voice in conservation management in the region. The board gives advice to DOC on local conservation matters and carries out important planning roles.

    A major responsibility of the board is in the development and implementation of the Tongariro Taupō Conservation Management Strategy and the Tongariro National Park Management Plan.  

    These statutory plans identify and establish objectives for the integrated management of natural and historic resources within the region. The Conservation Board is involved in the preparation, review, amendment, and implementation monitoring of the plan.


    The Tongariro Taupō Conservation Board is active and passionate in their advocacy of the region’s conservation. The Board works with various conservation organisations and members of the public, to ensure they represent the interests of their locale in conservation, within a fast-changing contemporary environment.

    The Conservation Boards’ quarterly newsletter is a great way to keep informed with the recent activities of the Board, subscribe and explore the archive.

    The Board periodically makes submissions on a range of conservation issues; these are available for the public to view.

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    The Board meets up to six times a year at various locations. A public forum session, where members of the public can talk to the Board on conservation issues, is held at each meeting.

    Next meeting: Friday 19th April, at 92 Kaimanawa Street, Taupo  Waikato  3330

    If you would like to attend the meeting, please contact the Board Support Officer for more details.

    The full agenda for meetings is generally available from the Board Support Officer one week before the meeting date. View minutes and agendas from past meetings.

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    Board Support Officer
    Taupo Office
    Department of Conservation
    PO Box 528
    Taupo 3351
    New Zealand

    Mobile: +64 27 286 7320
    Phone: +64 7 376 0072


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