Buying a hut ticket to pay for a DOC backcountry hut  is a good option If you prefer to 'pay as you go', or are only using huts occasionally,

How to buy Backcountry Hut Ticket

You can buy tickets from:


Prices differ for Sandard and Serviced category huts. 

Hut categories with facilities and fees for each category.

Backcountry Hut Ticket prices 
Backcountry Hut Ticket type Value Colour
Standard - Adult
18+ years
$5 Blue
Standard - Youth
11 – 17 years
$2.50 Yellow
Serviced - Adult
18+ years
$15 Green
Serviced - Youth
11 – 17 years
$7.50 You need to use 3 yellow standard youth tickets.

How to use hut tickets

Buy the required hut tickets and take them with you. Put your tickets into the honesty box at the hut.

Use Serviced Hut Tickets to pay for Serviced huts. Example: Use 1x $15 Serviced Hut Ticket per adult per night

Use Standard Hut Tickets to pay for Serviced or Standard huts. Examples:

  • 1x $5 Standard Hut Ticket per adult per night for Standard huts
  • 3x $5 Standard Hut Tickets per adult per night for Serviced huts

Note, you can't pay for bookings with hut tickets. 

Terms and conditions

Backcountry Hut Ticket terms and conditions

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