A Campsite Pass gives you access to DOC conservation campsites around New Zealand, including bookable and non-bookable campsites. Some exclusions apply.

A Campsite Pass offers excellent value for your camping adventures. Purchase one online or at a DOC visitor centre when planning your next holiday.

You can choose a 30-night or 365-night Campsite Pass.

The Campsite Pass is a way of paying for DOC campsites around New Zealand. It doesn’t guarantee you a place at a campsite.

Bookable campsites need to be booked online before arrival. Non-bookable campsites don’t need to be booked, but you need to register on arrival.

The Campsite Pass can be used for a maximum of 7 nights in a 30-day period at a single campsite. Additional nights can be purchased at the standard rate, up to the maximum stay period for the campsite.

How to buy a Campsite Pass

Buy online

Go to our online booking system and log in or create an account. Select 'passes' from the menu at the top of the page. Choose your preferred pass, and select the date you first want to use it on. This is the start date for the pass.

Passes can be brought up to one month before the first night of use. The start date cannot be modified. If you realise you have bought a pass with the incorrect date period, you can cancel it within 48 hours for a full refund.

Once payment is completed via the secured online payment portal, the pass will be linked to your account. You will receive a proof of purchase confirmation email with a digital pass PDF document.

Buy through a visitor centre

If you need assistance with purchasing your pass, call or email the:

They will assist you with your online pass purchase. A service fee of $10 may apply.


Campsite Pass prices
Age group 30-night pass 1 year (365-night) pass
Adult 18 years plus $95.00 $195
Child/Youth 5-17 years $47.50 $97.50
Infant 0-4 years Free Free

Membership discounts

If you are part of an organisation that receives a membership discount on passes, you will need to have proof of your membership loaded onto your booking account prior to purchasing your pass.

Organisations entitled to discounts

Send a scanned copy of your membership card, showing your name, membership number and expiry date, to

NZ Motor Caravan Association members can find information about DOC passes and accommodation on the NZMCA website.

Cancelling your pass

You can cancel your pass within 48 hours of purchase if you have not made a booking using the pass and if it is not past the first day of the nominated start date.

If you have made a booking, no refund will be issued. If it is past the first day of the start date, no refund will be issued.

To cancel a pass, log in to your account and click ‘Your Account’ at the top right of the home page. Select ‘Your Bookings’ to find the campsite pass you have just purchased and click cancel. A refund will be made to the credit card used for purchase.

After 48 hours of purchase, passes are non-refundable.

How to use a Campsite Pass

For bookable campsites

  1. Log in to your acccount on the huts, campsites and lodges booking system.
  2. Select the campsite you wish to stay at, enter the number of people who hold a Campsite Pass and the number of people who do not hold a pass.
    1. Note: Your pass can be used for a maximum of 7 nights in a 30-day period at a single campsite. Additional nights can be purchased at the standard rate, up to the maximum stay period for the campsite, in a separate transaction.
  3. Enter the names and pass numbers for those people with passes.
  4. The booking system will automatically calculate fees payable at the time of booking (if any) for non-pass holders or excluded times or sites, or powered sites.
  5. Continue to fill out your vehicle registration number, accept the terms and conditions, then reserve.
  6. Review your selections, dates, and total costs before continuing to check out or continue shopping.
    1. Note: If all people booked are pass holders, and it is not an excluded site or date range, the price will be shown as zero. However, for powered campsites, there is a $3 fee per pass user per night.
  7. Email confirmation of your booking will be sent to your account email address. Take this confirmation and a copy of your Campsite Pass with you when you go camping.

You need to book ahead

Campsite Pass bookings must be completed before occupying a site as required by the terms and conditions of the Pass.

You should book well in advance. A $10 booking fee will apply to any campers without bookings. If no space is available you will be turned away and have to find an alternative place to stay.

Book a campsite

For non-bookable/self-registration campsites

Non-bookable/self-registration campsites operate on a first-come first-served basis. The Campsite Pass does not give preference to staying at non-bookable campsites.

On arrival, pass users will need to register by using a self-registration envelope/document and pay for any people in the party not covered by a Campsite Pass.

Proof of a Campsite Pass, print or digital, and identification must be available on request.

Where you can't use the Campsite Pass

This Campsite Pass gives you access to most DOC conservation campsites throughout New Zealand. However there are some campsites (and time periods for certain campsites) where you can't use the Campsite Pass.

List of campsites excluded from the Campsite Pass

Further assistance

If you need assistance call or email the:

They will assist you with your online pass purchase. A service fee of $10 may apply.

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