Complete this checklist to make sure the items you are carrying are free of pests.

Tiritiri Matangi, Motuora, Rangitoto - Motutapu and Motuihe overnight visitors: You must bring this completed biosecurity checklist and hand it to the ranger on arrival.

Fiordland islands: If you are taking your own boat you will also need to hold a 'Fiordland Clean Vessel Pass', and adhere to the Fiordland Marine Regional Pathway Management Plan.

Biosecurity checklist for general visitors

Stop! Ants in your pants? Mice in the rice?

Unlikely but…small animals, Argentine ants, plague skinks, and weed or exotic seeds are the biggest threats to the pest-free status of our special islands.

Gear that has been in the garage or even stored in the house could be hiding rodents, skinks, insects and seeds. So we need your help.

Before you arrive, print and complete this biosecurity checklist and bring it with you.

Items being carried




Shake out your pack/bag and check the inside, including the pockets. Make sure there are no holes. Ensure packed bags are zipped and done up tightly.



Clean your shoes/boots of dirt and seeds. Check the soles, laces and tongues of shoes for any seeds. Scrub footwear worn in the bush on the mainland in soapy water.



Check your woolly socks, woollen clothing and velcro closures for seeds.


General gear and clothing

Once you've checked your gear, put it in a pack/bag with a zip and do up tightly.


Camping gear

Shake out and thoroughly check tents and groundsheets. Pack checked gear in bags with zips, and do them up tightly. Note: Camping is only allowed on islands with official campsites.



Check any bedding, including shaking out your sleeping bag and packing it inside another closed bag – not inside the stuff sack



Pack any food into sealed containers.



Check your boat/kayak. It is a good idea to keep a couple of baited traps on board at all times.



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Thanks - by checking you might have made all the difference.

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