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Predator control programme

Note: DOC's National Predator Control Programme was previously called Battle for our Birds.

DOC delivers the Battle for our Birds predator control programme over about 800,000 ha of conservation land to protect our most at-risk populations of vulnerable native species. The public has a high level of interest in ensuring that pest control techniques are used in an appropriate manner that does not put New Zealanders or their environments at risk.

DOC takes a fully open and transparent approach to its work. We regularly publish updates, open data, live maps and reviews of our pest control work. This includes:

Issue: Results of 5 year study of native bird breeding in areas of 1080 operations
Date: August 2017
Reference number: OIA 17-E-370
Response (PDF, 71K)
Attachment (PDF, 513K)

Issue: Death of kea and other native birds following 1080 operations
Date: August 2017
Reference number: OIA 17-E-366
Response (PDF, 646K)

Issue: Pre monitoring and post monitoring during Arawhata 1080 trial
Date: July 2017
Reference number: OIA 17-E-275
Response (PDF, 54K)

Issue: 2016 survey of New Zealanders, views on predator control
Date: June 2017
Reference number: OIA 17-E-273
Response (PDF, 78K)

Issue: Evidence to support the 1080 drop in the Coromandel
Date: June 2017
Reference number: OIA 17-E-228
Response (PDF, 32K)

Issue: Report from the Commissioner for the Environment on 1080
Date: October 2016
Reference number: OIA 16-H-0258
Response (PDF, 74K)

National parks

Issue: Approvals granted to Ruapehu Alpine Lifts to operate Whakapapa and Turoa ski areas
Date: July 2017
Reference number: OIA 17-E-284 
Response letter (PDF 38K)

Draft Threatened Species Strategy

Issue: Seeking a summary of submissions
Date: October 2017
Reference number: OIA 17-E-435
Response letter (PDF, 27K) 
Document (PDF, 112K) 
Submissions (PDF, 15,399K) 

Great Walks

Issue: Concerns about the impact of proposed cycleway/Great Walk through Paparoa National Park
Date: September 2017
Reference number: OIA 17-E-391
Response letter (PDF, 43K) 

Native birds

Issue: Tongariro Forest Kiwi Sanctuary kiwi chicks
Reference number: OIA 17-E-295
Date: July 2017
Document (PDF, 867K)

Note: Includes low quality scans. 

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