Look at some photos of the rowi kiwi transfer to Mana Island (18 July 2012).

Rowi transport boxes being carreid from the helicopter.
Richard Wallace of Makaawhio brings rowi to Mana Island with Jim Livingston

Rene and Duncan with a rowi.
TVNZ's Rene Graham and Duncan Kay, from the BNZ Save the Kiwi Trust

Rene holding a rowi.
TVNZ Rene Graham puts down a microphone to cuddle a rowi

Duncan and Catherine with a rowi.
Duncan Kay, of DOC Franz Josef, with Catherine Smith, from Trade Me, prepare to release a rowi on Mana Island

Duncan about to release a rowi.
Duncan Kay prepares to release a BNZ Operation Nest Egg rowi

Mere about to release a rowi.
Mere Wallace prepares to release a rowi onto Mana Island

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