How to apply to move freshwater species to a location where they don’t already occur.

To apply to move freshwater species to a location where they don’t already occur, follow the process below. 

If you are moving freshwater species to a location where they already exist you will need to contact the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Process for DOC freshwater approvals 

  1. Email the DOC Hamilton Office and tell us what you want to do. We may suggest we have a pre-application meeting and/or a site visit with you to resolve any potential issues and determine whether an Environmental Impact Assessment will be needed. See also our tips below for early consultation.
  1. Prepare your application form and send it to the DOC Hamilton Office. You will need to include:
    • an application fee of $2,065 plus GST
    • a copy of a recently searched title for the proposed release site
    • an Environmental Impact Assessment (if required)
    • copies of management plans that relate to the site (if there are any).
  1. Once we provisionally accept your application we will advise you to publicly notify what you intend to do. Once the public submissions have been received and considered we will tell you whether you have approval to proceed with your activity.
  1. When authorisation has been given you will be able to move the freshwater species once you have confirmed that any conditions DOC has imposed on your approval have been met.
  1. You will be responsible for any ongoing monitoring and reporting regarding the freshwater species at the new location.   

Application forms 

Use the relevant form below:

Use the live aquatic life form for all freshwater species except grass and silver carp.

Early consultation 

It is best to get in touch with interested parties (eg neighbours, other users of waterways, the Ministry for Primary Industries, Fish & Game and iwi) as soon as possible. 

Early consultation will allow you to recognise any potential environmental effects of your proposal and avoid, remedy or mitigate them. Talking to iwi will help you identify any effect on cultural values. 

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

To ensure the introduction of a species to a location where they don’t already occur does not pose a risk to freshwater ecosystems we may require an EIA with your application. An EIA outlines the likely direct and indirect impacts of introducing a new species to freshwater. 

Your EIA is also given to other parties who have an interest in your application, eg Ministry for Primary Industries, Fish and Game, iwi or the public. 

See our Environmental Impact Assessment guide on what you should include. 

Public notification 

You must advertise your intention to release freshwater species in a location for the first time in the public notices section of the newspaper. We will tell you when you should do this once your application is deemed complete.   

Any public submissions will be considered when your application is assessed. See our sample advertisement Freshwater notification sample advertisement (Word, 18K) for an example of the information that should be included in your notification. 

Subsequent releases 

If you are planning a subsequent release of freshwater species contact the Ministry for Primary Industries.They will advise you of the steps you need to follow. 

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