You cannot hunt most native species as these are protected under the Wildlife Act (1953).

New Zealand pigeon/kereru.
The kereru is an example of a protected native species 
Photo: Andrew Walmsley

What you can not hunt

You can only hunt what is listed in our what to hunt section – you also need to have a hunting permit. If it's not listed in the what to hunt section then you cannot hunt it on public conservation land.

What to hunt section

The permit you get for hunting will also list what you can hunt.

Private land

The Wildlife Act (1953) applies to all private land. Do not kill any native species protected under this act or you can be prosecuted by DOC. Contact your closest DOC office if you’re unsure if a species is protected or not.

Penalties for killing protected species

The Wildlife Act (1953) protects most native species from hunting. The penalty for killing protected wildlife is up to 2 years in prison or a fine up to $100,000.

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