Find out when you need a separate dog permit to hunt with dogs.

You may need to get a dog permit if you want to hunt with dogs on public conservation land. Hunting can be with or without a firearm. Check the hunting area info to see if dogs are allowed or need a permit.

Find a hunting area where dogs are allowed.

If you need a permit

Dog permits are issued by the DOC visitor centre or office nearest to the area you plan to hunt in.

Find a DOC visitor centre or office.

What to bring and processing time

When applying for a permit bring up to date council dog registration information. 

Dog permits take up to 5 days to process.

Types of hunting areas and dog access

Open hunting areas

Open hunting areas are areas that operate under the standard hunting permit conditions. Some open hunting areas may also have special conditions. 

Refer to the special conditions of the open hunting area permit. If dogs are allowed, the special conditions will tell you:

  • the conditions for which dogs are allowed. No separate dog permit is required – use of dogs is covered by the hunting permit, or
  • if you need to get a separate dog permit from the local DOC office or visitor centre.

Find open hunting areas.

Restricted hunting areas

Restricted hunting areas are areas that are not open hunting areas. They have conditions specific to the area.

If dogs are allowed in the restricted hunting area you want to hunt in, a special condition can be added to the restricted hunting area permit. This means no separate dog permit will be required. Check with the local DOC office if you want to hunt with dogs in a restricted hunting area.

Avian awareness and avoidance training

In some regions it's a requirement for dogs to undergo avian awareness and avoidance training.

Check with the local DOC office before you apply, if:

  • a separate dog permit is required, or 
  • you're interested in having a special condition added to a restricted hunting permit to cover the use of dogs.

How to get avian awareness and avoidance training.

Other dog permits and access

Different areas have different rules on if you can take your dog there or not. Some areas allow dogs, others require a permit, and some do not allow dogs at all.

Where you can take your dog.

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