There are a few things you need to know while hunting on public conservation land.

Hunting on public conservation land

To hunt on public conservation land you must get a hunting permit from DOC.

You can: 

Standard permit conditions

Types of hunting areas

There are three types of hunting areas on public conservation land:

  • open hunting areas operate under the standard hunting permit conditions. Some open hunting areas may also have special conditions
  • restricted hunting areas have conditions specific to the area. Contact the DOC office closest to where you want to hunt, and
  • Recreational Hunting Areas.

Recreational Hunting Areas do not allow commercial wild animal recovery as long as recreational hunters keep animal numbers low. You still need a permit for the area you want to hunt in.

Find a hunting area

While you're hunting

When hunting on public conservation land you must:

  • not hunt during the hours of darkness – 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise
  • not use spotlights to hunt in the hours of darkness
  • respect other users of the backcountry – do not discharge firearms near tracks, huts, campsites, road-ends or any other public place, or within 500 m of Great Walks huts and tracks
  • when you get into camp remove and store your firearms bolt and ammunition separately to your firearm.

Additional rules in a standard hunting permit.

Crossing private property

You need to get permission from the landowner to cross private property to get to public conservation land if there is no public access. To hunt on private property you must also get the permission of the landowner.

Many properties are set up as 'safari parks' where game animals can be hunted for a fee.

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