Urban Living Wall in Christchurch
Image: DOC


You don't need to leave town to be part of nature – nature is all around us! So get out and discover the UrbanNature in Dunedin.

Map of NZ with Dunedin highlighted.

UrbanNature panels

Look out for the UrbanNature panels popping up around Dunedin and learn about seasonal changes happening in the city.

Take time to check them out as you pass by, and keep your eye on them as they'll change seasonally.

The map below shows where you can find them around the city.

Get involved in Dunedin

Feeling inspired? Want to chip in? Get involved by volunteering or contacting a conservation group to learn what others are doing in and around Dunedin. Or take a look through the following activities for ideas of things you can do in your own backyard.

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