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DOC is working with others to carry out research that will contribute to the future of marine protection.

    The Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) research programme aims to build a strong science and policy base for marine management. This will make the design and placement of marine protection more effective at protecting our diverse marine life.

    Many agencies are working to develop this research. They include DOC, Fisheries New Zealand, Ministry for the Environment, and other research institutes. Some are based in New Zealand or in other parts of the world.

    These reports were produced as part of the MPA programme and other initiatives, focusing on improving how we protect marine biodiversity.

    The programme is funded by the government’s Budget 2018 for conservation. This is to help develop improved approaches to marine protection. Each approach will be guided by fit-for-purpose science and policy solutions.

    Learn more about the conservation funding set in the 2018 budget.

    MPA programme publications

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