DOC uses activity counters to understand where, when, and how often people are visiting sites on public conservation land.
Activity counters no longer up-to-date

Due to a technical issue, activity counter reports have not been updated since 29 June 2022. 

We are working to fix this as soon as we can. 

Activity counters are electronic monitoring devices that detect and store visitor activity data on public conservation land. There are over 700 pedestrian, bicycle and motor vehicle counters installed across the country.

Activity counter data provide an understanding of visitor activity patterns at DOC sites or 'destinations'. This helps DOC's planning of capital investment in visitor assets (such as campsites and tracks) and their ongoing maintenance. The data are the best available indicator of the public's preferences, and the benefits that DOC's investments are delivering to New Zealanders and our international guests.

Visitor Asset Utilisation Reports for each activity counter are automatically updated every week. This gives easy access to the most up-to-date visitor activity data available.

Explore the map to access reports

Use the interactive map to find out about a destination you're interested in. Are people using this track more often, or less? When are the busy times so I can avoid the rush?

The broken lines on the map represent the DOC track network.

The circles show the number of activity counters within an area: 

  • orange indicates more than 100 counters
  • yellow indicates between 10 and 100 counters
  • green indicates fewer than 10 counters.

Hover over a circle to see the area it covers. 

To access reports for an activity counter:

  1. Click on a circle to zoom in.
  2. When you've zoomed in to a single counter, the circle displays the number 1.
    • Click on it to see more information about the counter.
    • Click "See counter report" to open the Visitor Asset Utilisation Report in a new window.

From the report you can access more detailed technical reports, as well as consolidated reports for counters at the broader Destination Management Framework (DMF) level.

Problems with the map? Open map in full window.

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