March 2017
Final report for the Salvin's albatross Bounty Islands: Methodology development workshop 2016/17.


Salvin's albatross is one of the seabirds identified as at highest risk from commercial fishing in New Zealand. The Conservation Services Programme (CSP) seabird medium term research plan has identified the need for additional population and tracking data for this species to inform fisheries management actions to avoid, remedy, or mitigate the risk posed.

Recent population estimates of Salvin's albatross at the Bounty Islands (part of CSP project POP2012-06) using ground and aerial methods found contrasting evidence in regards to population trend. The at-sea foraging distribution of this population is described from only a small sample size of individuals due to device failute in recent study (also part of POP2012-06).

This workshop formed a part of a project (POP2016-06) to develop a methodology to address the key data gaps identified. It is envisaged that the research plan developed will be proposed for delivery as part of CSP in 2017/18.

Publication information

Debski, I; Hjörvarsdóttir, F. 2017. Salvin's albatross Bounty Islands: methodology development. Report of Workshop held on 28 November 2016. 


Conservation Services Programme
Department of Conservation
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