March 2018
This report outlines the research carried out through the Conservation Services Programme Annual Plan 2016-17, and provides updates on multi-year projects started in previous years.


This report first describes the objectives and rationale for each project, then provides an update on project status and a summary of the key results and reccomendations from the projects. A project logistics summary statement is included detailing the service provider, the project budget (excluding administrative costs), identification of relevant provisions within the Fisheries (Cost Recovery) Rules 2001 that determine cost allocation and review milestones. Finally, a citation and weblink are provided to enable ease of access to the final research reports.

Conservation Services Programme activities in 2016/17 were divided into three main areas:

  • Fisheries interactions projects
  • Population studies
  • Mitigation projects

Publication information

Hjorvarsdottir, F. & Isaacs, R. 2017. Conservation Services Programme Annual Research Summary 2016-17. Report prepared by the Conservation Services Programme of the New Zealand Department of Conservation, Wellington. 91p.


Conservation Services Programme
Department of Conservation
PO Box 10-420
Wellington 6143


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