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People of Auckland are being called to connect with nature this Conservation Week and give our native species and natural landscapes a helping hand.

Date:  13 September 2018

Conservation Week begins on Saturday September 15 and runs until Sunday September 23. The theme is “Conservation is Calling”.

DOC encourages people in the Auckland region to answer that call by getting involved in conservation related activities. These activities will help Aucklanders discover how they can help turn around the loss of our unique native plants and animals.

Here’s some of the activities Aucklanders can get involved in during Conservation Week:

New Zealand’s native wildlife is in crisis with more than 4,000 of our species threatened or at risk. It’s not just well-known species like kākāpō and kea under threat but also snails, plants, lizards, insects and fish.

We need to act now, or we could lose our unique native species. When we lose them, we lose a part of what makes New Zealand special.

Cleaning up waterways, protecting marine habitats, getting rid of weeds and planting native species are actions people can take to help protect our biodiversity. 

The biggest threat to our plants and wildlife is from introduced predators like rats, stoats and possums. Getting rid of predators is an important first step. People can help by setting traps on their properties or joining a local predator trapping group. Together we can help New Zealand to achieve its Predator Free 2050 goal.


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