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The popular Kaiaraara/Duke’s Nose track in the Whangaroa Harbour, Bay of Islands, has been reopened the public after extensive work on the steep rocky track was completed.

Date:  07 January 2019

Located behind the Lane Cove hut on the water’s edge at Whangaroa Harbour, the track was closed for most of Winter 2018 while DOC contractors removed the old chains and replaced them with sturdier and safer grab rails.

Pewhairangi/Bay of Islands DOC Recreation Ranger, David Heller was at the track reopening. He says, “As the track was being blessed by Kaitiaki Te Whangaroa Kaumatua, Roger Kingi, a flock of tūī gathered around and sang a waiata with us. Two yachts were anchored in the bay and a pair of American tourists came ashore drawn by the singing. These international visitors were welcomed with hongi all round and became the first people to officially climb the reopened track.”

Bay of Islands Community Ranger, Helen Ough Dealy says, “The Whangaroa Harbour is a fascinating area to explore by boat and on foot. Kaiaraara/Duke’s Nose can be reached by walking the Wairakau Stream Track or by landing in Pekapeka Bay right next to the Lane Cove Hut.”

“The harbour has many unique landforms and outstanding scenery from spectacular rocky bluffs and prominent ridge systems of eroded volcanoes to some of the last diverse coastal conifer/broadleaf/kauri forest in New Zealand. Whangaroa Harbour and the Kaiaraara Rock/Duke’s Nose is on the east coast, north of Kerikeri. You can access the Whangaroa Harbour from the many small roads that branch off State Highway 10.”

Everyone can help look after this unique place by visiting it the ‘Kiwi Way’. With more and more people in nature the impacts build up quickly. DOC are committed to keeping our natural spaces beautiful for all to share.

Here’s how Whangaroa visitors can help:

  • Clean your footwear before entering the forest and when leaving and keeping to the track – that way you will be protecting the magnificent kauri from becoming infected with kauri dieback.
  • Take your litter with you – Help protect our land, water and wildlife by taking your litter or using a bin. Always be prepared to carry your litter with you as there may not be a bin close at hand. If there is a bin with space in it –  use it.
  • Poo in a loo – Use a toilet when you see one, there’s one just outside the Lane Cove hut.
  • Always explore prepared – Being prepared means choosing the right experience, making sure you have the right gear, checking the conditions, talking through your plans and letting people know where you are going – even for a short walk.

And remember, take only photos and leave only footprints. If you are wanting to use drones in any of the Bay of Islands DOC reserves you will need a permit.


Helen Ough Dealy, Community Ranger
Pewhairangi/Bay of Islands Office
Phone: +64 9 407 0300
Mobile: +64 272 012 695

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