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DOC wants those in Whanganui who love and enjoy the outdoors to embrace the essence of the Whanganui Journey while still focusing on safety.

Date:  20 September 2019

DOC in Whanganui wants those who love and enjoy the outdoors to embrace the essence of the Whanganui Journey this year but will be maintaining a key focus on making sure manuhiri and whanau using the tracks and awa are safe. 

Senior Ranger Jim Campbell says due to the heavy rain over the winter months and as recently as last week the Mangapurua Track has taken a beating this year. The track was closed during the off-season with independent Geotech surveys being carried out on Battleship Bluff. 

“At this point in time we await the full independent safety review for the Mangapurua track and reports from Geotech for other bluff systems are for consideration as we head into the new season,” Jim Campbell says.

In the meantime, the Mangapurua track remains closed. The track from the river landing section to the Bridge to Nowhere is open.

Whanganui staff have worked hard during the offseason on all the tracks and hut sites in preparation for the opening season. 

The Mangapurua Track goals include erecting safety barriers at selected sites. 

“We stress walkers, cyclists and paddlers need to adhere to signs and to keep an eye out for machinery and staff say”, Jim Campbell.   

“Whanganui Journey Great Walk will be open from 1 October and we hope our visitors will travel safely through this beautiful part of the world,” Jim Campbell says.   


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