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Two dogs missing in the Kaweka Forest Park have been found.

Date:  02 August 2018

Two dogs missing in the Kaweka Forest Park have been found DOC Ahuriri-Napier Acting Operations Manager Moana Smith-Dunlop says.

The dogs were discovered alive and well after spending 25 days on public conservation land and were taken to Hastings animal control.

The animals went missing from Little’s Clearing carpark off Kaweka Road on July 1, and while the owner spent considerable time and energy looking for the animals this search was unsuccessful.

Moana Smith-Dunlop says DOC launched an operation to recover the dogs because there was concern for the kiwi population in the area.

“A ground search was sparked after two sets of tracks, we believed belonged to the dogs, were found on July 13 and again on July 20.

“This search saw DOC staff and kiwi volunteers hike into the Kaweka Forest Park to look for the animals, but they also had no luck initially.

Moana Smith-Dunlop says as a part of this operation, staff borrowed several live capture traps in case of any sightings.

“But these were not deployed as the dogs were found by a member of the public on Castle Range road last week.”

“To date extensive checks of the monitored kiwi in the area had revealed no deaths or harm,” Moana Smith-Dunlop says.

DOC is extremely grateful to all members of the public who helped search for the dogs and provided information which assisted with their recovery. DOC is now working with the owner to resolve any outstanding issues.

DOC is asking people to be aware of the rules and regulations surrounding dogs on public conservation land. There are different types of access for dogs on public conservation land – from open dog areas to controlled areas where dogs are not allowed. Dog owners should check with the local DOC office before they head out.

“Dog owners who take their dogs into ‘no access’ areas, controlled areas without a permit, or breach the conditions of their permit are liable to prosecution.”

“A dog may be seized and impounded or destroyed if it is found in a national park or controlled dog area without a permit,” she says.

Dogs on public conservation land should be under control at all times – a dog out of sight is a dog out of control. Owners should carry and use a leash when needed and must ensure their dog does not disrupt other people's enjoyment of the park. They must also clean up after their dog.

Avian awareness and avoidance training is also recommended and compulsory in some areas on the public conservation estate including the Kaweka Forest Park. The local DOC office can contacted for more information about this training.


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