DOC has been directed to find 6.5% savings from its budget to meet the Government’s savings target.

Date:  10 April 2024

On top of this we also need to fund cost pressures for the next financial year (2024/25).

Over the past few months we have been identifying areas where we could cut back and are now consulting with our people on the proposals.

We have tried to find options that would have the least impact overall on people and on conservation outcomes.

The proposals include a reduction of 130 roles overall, however we expect the impact on people to be less than that because we have been holding a large number of vacancies since November.

The final number of redundancies won’t be known until we have consulted our people and we have been through a management of change process.

We recognise this is in the public interest but these proposals impact on our people and we need to take the time to hear from them.

We have no further comment on what roles or work may be affected. No final decisions have been made.


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