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Challenge your friends, family, co-workers or classroom to a round of rubbish bingo while cleaning up an area special to you.

Find an area that needs cleaning up and get a group together. The first player to find all items listed in a line (horizontally or vertically), or collects all items on their bingo card, wins the rubbish crown (or a washed hand high five). 

Pre-filled printable Rubbish bingo card example
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You will need

  • 2+ people.
  • A rubbish bingo card for each player. You can make these yourself, use our customisable template or use our pre-filled printable cards below.
  • Pens or makers.
  • A bag for rubbish.
  • Biodegradable gloves (optional, please wash your hands if not).
  • An area that needs cleaning up.

How to play

1. Set your rules

You can play bingo a few ways. One way to win is by finding each item in a horizontal or vertical line on your bingo card. Another is by collecting everything on the bingo card.

You can choose to do both versions for the full bingo experience. Round one completing a line on the card, then round two completing the full card.

2. Set your Rubbish bingo boundary

Set your bingo area boundary so no one ventures too far away and you can hear each other. 

3. Start your Rubbish bingo round

Make sure you announce the beginning of the game. You don’t want players getting ahead before you start!

As you find an item listed on your bingo card, cross it off. The first player to complete a line or all items on the card shouts 'bingo!', crowning them the winner.

Rubbish bingo cards

Download our pre-filled printable bingo cards or our customisable template. 

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