Kākāriki/Orange-fronted kakariki at Peacock Springs Wildlife Park in Christchurch
Image: Sabine Bernert | ©


Learn how a predator free New Zealand would benefit people, nature, and all of New Zealand.

Our vision

Return the voices of the insects, bats, reptiles and birds back to the forests, farmland, towns, cities and coasts.

Bellbirds and kōkako are our natural alarm clocks. Geckos and skinks amuse kids whenever they go into the garden. Cities bloom with healthy rātā and the sweet smell of lemonwood. The mauri, life force, has strength throughout our lands.

Our goal

Eradicate mustelids (stoats, ferrets and weasels), rats (Norway, ship and kiore), and possums from all of New Zealand by 2050.

These introduced predators were chosen because they do the most damage to New Zealand’s native species, and we have the best tools to control them.  

Our connection to nature runs deep 

Our connection to this land and its wildlife runs deep –through whakapapa, spiritual or emotional connections, mental health and wellbeing, physical enjoyment or our economic prosperity – We even call ourselves after a native bird! 

Many of our species are found nowhere else in the world 

New Zealand’s native plants and animals are unique because a huge proportion are found nowhere else in the world. 72% of native birds and 81% of native insects are found only in New Zealand. If they’re gone from here, they’re gone from everywhere.

Our native species are in serious trouble 

Our native species are in serious trouble. Introduced predators are one of the main threats to their survival. Only one in five of our species are doing well. One in three are at risk of extinction. Some of our native species would go extinct in just two human generations without predator control.  

What we do makes a difference  

We’ve proven in many parts of the country that when we remove or manage predators, nature comes back. Even individual actions help nature. If we all play a part in support of this common cause, the difference will be even greater, more visible and lasting. 

It’s time for a new bold approach 

To see our native species thrive, we need to shift from suppressing predators to eradicating them. When we eradicate predators on offshore islands and sanctuaries, we see nature thrive. We’re now world leaders in eradication and looking to how we can grow our knowledge and scale up our impact to see healthy nature all throughout New Zealand.

Nature needs us, we need nature 

As New Zealanders, our identity, health, communities, children and economy all need nature. Healing nature heals us too.  

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