Our pest control methods, including 1080, ground control and Vespex wasp bait are essential for the survival of many native species and ecosystems.

We use a range of pest control methods, depending on the scale and urgency of the pest problem, the type of pest, and the accessibility of the area being treated.

    Research into alternative and new pest control methods

    DOC and TBfree New Zealand jointly spend more than $2 million a year working with universities, crown research institutes and private companies to develop new methods of pest control. This work includes:

    • trials to refine the use of 1080 and reduce the amount of toxin needed for effective control
    • alternative species-specific toxins 
    • a toxin that specifically targets the gut of possums, minimising the risks to other species
    • self-setting traps that deliver a more efficient trap and big labour savings.
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