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If you're visiting New Zealand and would like to volunteer, DOC welcomes you to get involved.

Before you come to New Zealand

Due to COVID-19, there are border restrictions in New Zealand. It requires all those arriving to New Zealand to be in a two week quarantine in an appointed facility, at their own cost. Learn more.

If you live overseas we strongly encourage you to apply for volunteer positions after New Zealand border restrictions have been removed.

You can still apply if you're an international visitor already in New Zealand and eligible to remain for the duration of the volunteer activity you're interested in.

You do not need a work visa to volunteer with DOC. You can volunteer on entry to New Zealand as long as you do not receive payment or benefits. You still need to have a valid visa before coming to New Zealand.

Choose a visa from Immigration New Zealand.

You may need a police certificate

Depending on the volunteer work you do with us, you may be required to provide a police certificate to DOC. Your police certificate would need to be written and certified in English. It's easier for you if you get a police certificate before you leave your country of residence. However, you can still get a police certificate if you're already in New Zealand.

How to get a police certificate if you're already in New Zealand.

You do not need a new police certificate if you've:

  • supplied DOC with a police certificate, and
  • volunteered with DOC in the past three years.

You would need to provide evidence of this.

International students

Volunteering with DOC is an option to gain experience. DOC does not offer internships to students who study at:

  • universities outside New Zealand, or
  • other education providers outside New Zealand.


For all volunteers with DOC, we strongly advise you get comprehensive travel insurance and unlimited medical cover. DOC does not accept responsibility for any:

  • personal medical or accident events
  • loss or damage to personal items of equipment, or
  • other associated costs while you're volunteering with DOC.
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