Apply to be a campsite host or hut warden for South Marlborough in Northern South Island.

Privacy disclosure: To process your request or information, we need to collect personal information about you. We'll only use your information for this purpose and we'll follow the principles of the Privacy Act 2020. See our privacy and security statement.

Activity and dates

Let us know which place you can host at and what date periods you would be available for. When you apply we'll work with you to figure out which exact dates you host.

2 weeks minimum time commitment.

Personal details


Do you have resident permit/visa or citizenship for New Zealand or Australia?

Emergency contact

For international volunteers, add a New Zealand contact if available. If no New Zealand contact is available, include the international code for the phone number.

Medical conditions

For your own health and safety, list any

  • pre-existing medical conditions
  • allergies
  • past injuries, and
  • special dietary needs.


Volunteer activities span a range of fitness levels. The following is a general guide to help you indicate your preferred level of activity:

Fitness guide:

  • Low – you can easily walk up to 2 hours over flat ground
  • Medium – you can comfortably walk with a 5 kg pack up to 4 hours over uneven ground
  • High – you are capable of walking with a 10 kg pack up to 6 hours over uneven ground
  • Very High – you are experienced at walking consecutive days with a 10+ kg pack over steep, rough terrain


What licences or certificates do you currently have?

Previous experience

What previous conservation volunteering experience do you have?
Public facing roles may need to go through a screening process and could require a safety check. Are you happy for this to be carried out?
Would you like to sign up for the conservation activities newsletter for this region?
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