Get involved with conservation groups working with DOC in Southland.

Listed below are some volunteer based groups that you can get involved with. You'll learn new skills, meet like-minded people, contribute to conservation, and increase your connection to your local community and natural spaces.

For more conservation volunteer opportunities in Southland:

Bluff Hill Environment Trust

Aim: To provide an environment where native plants and animals are thriving – not just surviving – on and around Bluff Hill. 

Bluff Hill Environment Trust website and Facebook page

Otatara Landcare Group

Aim: To protect and restore the natural features and ecological values of the Otatara environment, especially native forest and wetland flora and fauna. Its main project is the Bushy Point Restoration Project.

Otatara Landcare Group website

Kākāpō Recovery Programme

Aim: To help this critically endangered New Zealand parrot. During the breeding season, the Kākāpō Recovery Team requires assistance from volunteers for nest minding, supplementary feeding and cooking meals for those involved in the project.

Kākāpō Recovery Programme website

Southland Community Nursery and Education Centre

Aim: To provide facilities and materials, such as native seedlings, potting mix and pots, to help people grow their own native plants. Volunteers are needed to pot plans and help with nursery jobs.

Southland Community Nursery website

Southland Ecological Restoration Network (SERN)

Aim: SERN is a network of Southland people “bringing back the natives.” The aim is to promote the restoration of native ecological sites in Southland.

SERN website

Stewart Island/Rakiura Community and Environment Trust

Aim: To protect and enhance the environment and community of Stewart Island. It's main project is the Halfmoon Bay Habitat Restoration Project - the goal is to create an open sacntuary in and around Halfmoon Bay. It also manages the Stewart Island Community Nursery. 

Stewart Island/Rakiura Community and Environment Trust website

Ulva Island Charitable Trust

Aim: To keep Ulva Island free of introduced pests and predators so native plants and birds can thrive. The group raises and manages funds for ongoing projects and support the overall running of the island as a sanctuary and attraction for nature lovers.

Ulva Island Charitable Trust website

Waituna Landcare Group

Aim: To improve water quality and to protect and restore the riparian vegetation throughout the Waituna catchment. The group runs a nursery to provide plants to landowners in the catchment for riparian planting.

Waituna Landcare Group website

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