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Tourism and Hospitality Minister Matt Doocey has announced the launch of public consultation process on the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). Submissions closed 5 pm 11 June 2024.

Led by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and DOC, the government is seeking feedback on:

  • whether to increase the IVL
  • by how much
  • how the revenue should be invested.


Since 2019 most international visitors have paid a $35 levy which has helped fund important initiatives like Kākāpō Recovery, tourism data and insights, and the Milford Opportunities Project.

However, $35 does not cover the full range of costs generated by international visitors with the shortfall currently being covered by New Zealand tax and ratepayers, or not at all.

The levy, which is jointly administered by MBIE and DOC, ensures visitors contribute towards the costs associated with providing and maintaining high quality visitor experiences, while reducing the costs of tourism and conservation for New Zealanders.

MBIE and DOC are seeking feedback on four options for the IVL per eligible person. The options are:

  • leaving it at $35
  • increasing it to $50
  • increasing it to $70
  • increasing it to $100 .

The government is also seeking feedback on what the levy should be used for across tourism and conservation, including addressing visitor pressure on the public conservation estate, mixed-use tourism infrastructure, Tourism New Zealand’s marketing, wider tourism assets, and other areas related to tourism and conservation.

Feedback will be used to develop a strategy for future IVL investment and funding.

Next steps

Submissions closed 5pm 11 June 2024.

For submissions, summary information and further updates visit MBIE Have your say: International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy Review 2024.

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