Express your interest in the opportunity to run a commercial sporting event on the Routeburn Track in Mount Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks. Expression of interest period closed 24 September 2021.

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The Routeburn Track is located in Mt Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks in the Otago and Fiordland Regions.  

The current concession for a commercial sporting event on the Routeburn Track has expired and the Department has implemented s17ZG(2)(a) of the Conservation Act over the Routeburn Track to develop a process to manage future concession opportunities.

The Department is running an Expressions of Interest (EOI) Process to determine whether there is any interest in the opportunity to hold a concession, before making any decisions as to what the next steps might be.

The event must be consistent with the relevant statutory planning documents. Broadly, this means that any event proposal must be on foot, must take place in April. Interested parties should familiarise themselves with the Fiordland and Mount Aspiring National Park Management Plans.

How to submit your interest

1. Prepare your submission


  • your name
  • the name of any entity you represent
  • your contact details, both email and phone, and
  • a summary of your interest in the opportunity including an outline of the event you would be interested in undertaking.

2. Send us your submission before 24 September 2021

Send your submission by email or post. You’ll get a confirmation email when a submission has been received.


In the subject line include: “EOI  – Competitive Sporting Event – Routeburn Track”.

Hokitika Permissions Team
Private Bag 701
Hokitika 7810

Attn: Lucy Croft, Permissions Advisor

Written Expressions of Interest (EOI) shall be accepted at the Department of Conservation Hokitika Office Private Bag 701 Hokitika 7810 or can be emailed to until 5 pm 24 September 2021. EOI’s received after this date will not be considered unless it can be shown that the EOI was delivered late due to unanticipated factors out of their control.

After the EOI process

After the EOI process we’ll initiate an allocation which may be:

  • a direct offer to one individual, or
  • in the form of a tender, or
  • in the form of a request for proposals.

Please note that EOI submissions are not a required pre-requisite to apply for future site concession opportunities. The outcome of this process will guide the Department’s decision as to whether a direct offer, tender or request for proposals is best suited for the opportunity.

Legal Information

Official Information Act

The interested party acknowledges and accepts that the Minister and the Department may be required to release information submitted through the EOI process in accordance with the Official Information Act 1982.

No contract

This EOI and any submissions made subsequent to the terms and conditions contained within do not constitute a contract between the Minister and any Applicant and do not give an Applicant any rights or cause of action against the Minister.

Conservation Act 1987                                                     

Pursuant to s17R(2)(a) no new applications will be accepted for this site while s17ZG(2)(a) is in place or unless the Department formally invites applications. The process, including the EOI, under s17ZG(2)(a) of the Conservation Act 1987 is currently active until 15 December 2021.

Acceptance of proposal

The Minister is not bound to:

  • a. accept any proposal;
  • b. give any reason to any person for the rejection or otherwise of any proposal;
  • c. complete the EOI.

The Minister reserves the right:

  • a. to reject any proposal;
  • b. at any time to withdraw the EOI or again call from proposals or consider further applications received in accordance with Part 3B of the Conservation Act 1987.

No Obligation:

  • a. The Minister has no obligation whatsoever to compensate or indemnify any Applicant for any expenses or loss that the Applicant may incur in the preparation of their EOI. There is no guarantee that any proposal will be accepted, and/or subsequent process run, and/or any concession granted.
  • b. The Minister will give written notice to all Applicants who have submitted bona fide proposals advising the outcome of the EOI.



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