Have your say on the proposed Te Hiku Conservation Management Strategy. Submissions are expected to open in late 2023.

Iwi representatives and Te Papa Atawhai are working on the draft Te Hiku Conservation Management Strategy (CMS). The CMS forms a significant part of the cultural redress in the Treaty Settlements of:

  • Ngāti Kuri
  • Te Aupōuri
  • Ngāi Takoto
  • Te Rarawa.

We'll refer to these collectively as Te Hiku o Te Ika iwi (Te Hiku iwi).

The CMS applies to an area defined in Treaty Settlements as Te Korowai area, which extends from the Hokianga Harbour and mid-point Rangaunu Harbour northwards to Te Rerenga Wairua including Manawatāwhi (Three Kings Islands).

Download map showing Te Korowai area (PDF, 1,400K)

What happens next?

  1. Notification of draft CMS for public feedback and submissions.
  2. Hui with whānau, hapū, iwi, key stakeholders and the community on the draft CMS.
  3. Once submissions have closed we’ll hold hearings for anyone who would like to speak to their submission.
  4. We’ll revise the draft based on submissions and hearings.
  5. Submitters will receive feedback about how we responded to their submission.
  6. We’ll send the revised draft CMS to the Te HikuConservation Board for its consideration. 
  7. The revised draft CMS, including revisions from the Conservation Board, will then be presented to the New Zealand Conservation Authority (NZCA) for their approval.
  8. Once the NZCA has approved the strategy, it will be published and it becomes operative.

If you would like to receive an email when the draft has been notified, please send your name and contact details to

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