Have your say on an application to vary the Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club’s active lease concession to rebuild the Leaning Lodge Hut. Submissions closed 25 September 2020.

Submissions closed 25 September 2020.

Submissions received (PDF, 283K)

This application is notified under section 17SC of the Conservation Act 1987. The Minister of Conservation has received an application to vary active Concession (Lease) OT-23405-ACC (granted for 30 years until 30 April 2048) within Rock and Pillar Conservation Area.

Application details

Applicant: Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club Incorporated

Location of proposed activity: Rock and Pillar Conservation Area (contained in record of title 7697 being Part Section 2 SO 300215).

Map references: Approximate NZTM 2000 E1372103 N4966292

Summary of proposal: The Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club (OTMC) have an existing Concession (Lease) OT-23405-ACC for the OTMC owned Leaning Lodge hut to be located on conservation land.

Due to structural issues with the hut built in 2013, the OTMC have applied to vary this Concession by:

  • rebuilding the hut approximately 50 metres South East of the existing hut (at approximate NZTM 2000 E1372103 N4966292); and
  • once rebuilt, demolish the hut built in 2013 and make good the land.

Concession applied for: A variation pursuant to s 17ZC(2) to active Concession (Lease) OT-23405-ACC.

Application documents:

1.0 Link to OTMC website 

2.0 Applicant’s original application

3.0 DOC request for further information letter (PDF, 114K)

How to make a submission

Any person or organisation may make a submission in writing to the Director-General on the proposal.

Submissions close 25 September 2020.

1. Prepare your submission

Record what you think in the submission form.

You can also get a submission form from any local DOC office or by email to

Any person or organisation wishing to be heard at a possible hearing in support of their submission must request an opportunity to appear before the Director-General. This request must be included in your submission.

2. Send us your submission before 25 September 2020

Send your submission by email or post. You will get a confirmation email when a submission has been received.


Department of Conservation
PO Box 5244
Dunedin 9054

Attention: Kelvin Brown, Permissions Advisor

Submissions closed 25 September 2020.

Once submitted, submitters' information is subject to the Official Information Act 1982 and may be released under that Act. If you wish to keep any part of your submission confidential, state this in writing when making your submission.

What happens next

After submissions close on 25 September 2020:

  1. DOC will analyse and consider all submissions.
  2. A hearing will be held if there have been requests to be heard by the Director-General. If a hearing is required, it is likely to occur in the week commencing 12 October 2020. If you have expressed an interest in presenting your submission at a hearing, you will be contacted by DOC regarding this.
  3. DOC will analyse and consider information raised at the hearing if a hearing occurred.
  4. DOC will make a recommendation to the Minister of Conservation.
  5. The Minister of Conservation will make a decision on the application by Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club Incorporated.


No details at this point. Details, such as submissions and the decision outcome, will be added when they are available.

DOC comment regarding publicly notified applications

The Minister of Conservation has made no determination regarding the suitability of this proposed variation to concession on public conservation land. This public notification should not be interpreted as an intention on the part of the Minister of Conservation to grant the proposed variation to concession.


If you have a question about the application or the submission process you can contact Kelvin Brown, Permissions Advisor.


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