Have your say on the discussion paper for a proposed conservation and environment science roadmap. Submissions close 7 September 2016.

The proposed conservation and environment science roadmap will identify the areas of scientific knowledge needed by government over the next 20 years to support decision-making for conservation and environmental policy and management. 

It will help improve the coordination of research in New Zealand, reduce duplication, ensure gaps are addressed and that research is policy-relevant.

The research will be used by central and local government, private sector, non-governmental organisations and individuals to make better decisions that affect our environment and natural heritage. 

The Department of Conservation and the Ministry for the Environment are working together to develop the roadmap.

Read the discussion paper and have your say

The discussion paper sets out 12 proposed themes and a series of possible key research questions. Your feedback will help the Government determine if it has identified the key issues, themes and research questions needed to develop the roadmap. 

On the Ministry for the Environment website:

Submissions close at 5 pm on Wednesday 7 September 2016.

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