A dramatic experiential game to feel the life in a tree.

Activity instructions

1. Let's be a tree! 

All stand up strong like the trunk of a tree. An adult blows on the trees like Tawhirimatea ("woooooooo").

Do the trees blow down? No! The roots are holding them in the ground.

2. Let's be roots! 

All lie down in a circle. Root hold the tree in the ground and also suck up water. Roots suck! ("Sluuuuurrrrp").

How does the water get up the trunk? Water pipes carry water in a tree.

3. Let's be water pipes! 

All stand up and throw arms in the air as the water travels up the pipes "weeeeeee".

What do trees eat? They make their own food in their leaves and it travels down the tree in food pipes.

4. Let's be food pipes! 

All bend down and touch the ground carrying the food from the leaves down the tree. In a deep voice say "woooooo".

5. Let's be a tree again! 

Start from the trunk and repeat all actions.

Activity developed by Davina Hunt, DOC.

Learning levels

  • Early childhood


  • Forests and green spaces

Curriculum learning areas

  • Science
  • The arts


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