This resource supports outdoor exploration of a local stream. Investigate the health of a local stream, and decide what conservation actions would improve the health of a local stream.

Habitat Heroes stream resource.

Habitat Heroes is a curriculum-linked conservation education programme designed for Levels 1-4.

Teaching and learning resources have been developed to encourage exploration in your local environment.

Download the resource

Habitat Heroes resource: Explore your local stream (PDF, 2,741K)

Learning objectives

Students will:

  • Investigate the health of a local stream by carrying out scientific tests.
  • Decide what conservation actions would improve the health of a local green space.
  • Understand that people have social, cultural and economic roles, rights and responsibilities.

The Habitat Heroes resources encourage:

  1. Learning about a local natural environment.
  2. Investigation in a local natural environment, eg carrying out scientific investigations such as a five-minute bird count, water clarity tests and human impact observations.
  3. Uncovering potential solutions to local environmental issues, resulting in taking action for their local natural environment, eg actions to increase the biodiversity within a local green space.

Habitat Heroes aims to enable students to become:

  • Connected to local natural environments. The learning activities will provide them with opportunities to make their own observations and draw conclusions about their local natural environments.
  • Actively involved in improving and maintaining the health of local natural environments. The learning activities will allow students to identify local environmental issues, and encourage students to find solutions.
  • Confident, responsible, lifelong learners, able to sustain and care for their environment now and into the future.

Learning levels

  • Primary
  • Secondary 


  • Freshwater
  • Native animals
  • Pests and threats

Curriculum learning areas

  • Science
  • Social science
  • Education for sustainability


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