Explore your outdoor space and find as many nature hideaways as you can.
Did you know?

Nature play helps us to keep in touch with each other.

Explore your nature

Outdoor hide and seek icon.

What makes a good nature hiding spot?

Stand or sit as quietly as you can (you don’t want to be found) – what can you see, hear, feel, smell from your nature hiding spot?

How does your hiding spot change over the day? Visit regularly – does it change across seasons?

Get creative

  • Create a map of your outdoor space and mark on the best route to your hideaways
  • Take a photo, draw a picture or create a mind map of all your favourite bits of your hideaway.


  • Put your artwork and notes in a nature journal to share with whānau and friends.
  • Share a photo or map of your hideaways with whānau and friends.
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