Read NZCA's process for the preparation of submissions

Adopted 1999
Reviewed and amended: February 2018
Reviewed and amended: October 2021

  1. NZCA members and NZCA servicing staff are to keep a conservation scan for issues which potentially require a submission, especially in relation to the NZCA annual work programme and NZCA Strategic Priority topics.
  2. Issues which potentially require a submission are brought to the attention of the members, who will then bring the issue to the members.
  3. Under normal circumstances, the NZCA will decide whether or not to submit during a meeting, but if time frames will not allow this it can be decided via email exchange, or virtual meeting.
  4. NZCA decides how to proceed and sets timeframes, e.g. utilise or set up a Committee to draft the submission, or draft as whole of NZCA; with responses via email. Where possible members should be given at least one working week to respond with feedback on a draft.
    1. If a meeting is scheduled before the submission deadline, then the issue will be discussed during the meeting (i.e. decision to make a submission, or approval of draft, or establishment of Committee etc).
    2. If a Committee is established the powers of the Committee need to be clearly stated, and decision-making powers delegated.
    3. In all phases of the drafting process, NZCA servicing staff will be available to assist (with drafting, circulating draft, collation of comments etc).
    4. The NZCA will endeavour to share its draft submission with conservation boards as soon as possible and before the submission deadline, in order to raise awareness of the issue, and provide leadership.
    5. A final draft should be circulated to all members before being lodged.
  5. In the drafting of any submission, the NZCA will consider the context of:
    1. Te Tiriti o Waitangi / Treaty of Waitangi and its statutory obligations to give effect to the principles of Te Tiriti under section 4 of the Conservation Act 1987.
    2. Climate change mitigation and adaption.
    3. Te Mana o te Taiao / Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy
  6. The submission will be lodged by NZCA servicing staff (who will letterhead, format, and finalise the submission before lodging).In order to meet timeframes for submissions, the Authority agrees that business may be conducted via email and virtual meetings , and submissions lodged intersessionally – to be ratified at the next available meeting.
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