January 2007
Identifying species at risk of extinction and measuring the level and nature of that risk.

Expert panels are progressively replacing the 2005 list with papers listing the status of each major group seperately. These papers are being published over 2008 to 2011.

Developed using the NZTCS manual 2002.

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In 2002, the Department of Conservation (DOC) published a document which set out a system for classifying species according to threat of extinction using criteria that had specifically been developed for New Zealand conditions. At the same time, a companion volume presented the results of using that system to classify all those species for which sufficient information was available. For the first time it was possible to provide an accurate threat classification for all those taxa for which information was available, ensuring that all those that were threatened received the necessary attention to secure their future.

This document updates the earlier lists, recording both actual changes in status and changes in our understanding as more knowledge is gathered, with the inclusion of additional species in many groups.

Publication information

Rod Hitchmough, Leigh Bull and Pam Cromarty (compilers) ISBN 0–478–14128–9

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