In the “Pāteke survival guide

Pāteke information available on the DOC website.

Kiwi Survival Guide, third edition 2003. Department of Conservation, Wellington (useful predator control guidelines). Available on the Kiwi for Kiwis website.

Funding and support: the New Zealand Landcare Trust, WWF, the Community Environment Fund, the Biodiversity Condition Fund and the Biodiversity Advice Fund, Ducks Unlimited New Zealand.

For information on humane kill traps targeting cats, rats and mustelids see the Predator Traps website. This website contains information on the target predators, trapping techniques and instructions, stockists and latest news.

DOC offices managing pāteke populations can provide local advice:

  • Whangarei Area Office +64 99 470 3304,
  • Great Barrier Island Field Centre +64 9 429 0044,
  • Hauraki Area Office +64 7 867 9180 and
  • Tauranga Area Office +64 7 578 7677.

The Pāteke Recovery Group can provide specialist advice. Please contact Recovery Group leader Andrea Booth at DOC Northland Conservancy Office +64 9 470 3300.

262. Field trials of fresh and long-life baits for stoats in Northland. Research and Development Series, Department of Conservation. 2007 (see the online catalogue on the DOC website

The New Zealand Landcare Trust trapping guidelines 2009 and the New Zealand Landcare Trust biodiversity restoration guidelines on the NZ Landcare Trust website 

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