This research is part of current considerations about natural capital and cultural values in New Zealand’s natural resources sector. It has been prepared for DOC by Landcare Research and Scion.


A large area of New Zealand is affected by the spread of introduced conifer trees. This report provides the Department of Conservation with examples of how cultural values are associated with the areas surrounding lakes Tarawera, Pukaki, and Wakatipu, as well as how these cultural values might be considered in future plans for managing wilding conifers.

DOC is charged with promoting conservation of the natural and historic heritage of New Zealand on behalf of, and for the benefits of, present and future New Zealanders. To achieve this, a thorough understanding is required of cultural values, how and where these values are established and enacted, and their associated ecosystem benefits and disservices.

The objectives of this report are to:

  • improve understanding of (non-market) impacts of wilding conifers under two future management scenarios on sites of cultural value in three study areas.
  • develop capabilities across research and policy organisations in the Natural Resources Sector to work more effectively with cultural values.

Publication information

This report has been prepared by Landcare Research for Department of Conservation. The report should be referenced as:

Greenaway, A., Bayne, K., Velarde, S. J., Heaphy, M., Kravchenko, A., Paul, T., Samarasinghe, O. & Rees, T. (2015) Evaluating the (non - market) impacts of wilding conifers on cultural values. Landcare Research contract report LC2396. Auckland: Landcare Research, Scion

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