Advice on acquiring or exchanging conservation land.

The most common proposals to purchase or exchange land relate to land held under either the Conservation Act 1987 or the Reserves Act 1977. All applications are strictly considered in accordance with the relevant Acts and Policies.


DOC administers various provisions in legislation (e.g. Conservation Act 1987 or Reserves Act 1977) under which exchanges of land can be undertaken, each involving different criteria and/or processes.

The land being acquired will attain the status the land being transferred held, it must therefore be suitable for this purpose.


While it is possible for land administered by the Department of Conservation to be sold, the process of land disposal by the Crown is somewhat more complex than the normal transfer of freehold title.

The costs associated with the process can be a major factor in determining whether a disposal proceeds, especially in the case of small areas of land with low value, which are not adequately defined and have no title. In these cases the disposal costs may make the proposal uneconomic to progress.

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If you have an enquiry about acquiring or exchanging conservation land email with the details of the land parcel you wish to acquire/exchange.

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