Fees and costs for statutory land management applications,

DOC will recover all costs of processing your application, regardless of whether it is approved or declined. This includes any third-party costs associated with processing the application for example gazette notices, survey fees, legal fees, etc.

You will usually be invoiced for processing fees after a decision has been made on your application; however in some cases interim invoices will be issued.

If at any stage your application is withdrawn, you will be invoiced for the costs incurred by DOC up to that point.

The following processing fees do not include third-party fees. These will be charged in addition where applicable, and you will be notified of this prior to work commencing.

Application processing fees


Fee (excluding GST)

Fee notes

Land Status Check


Refer to note 1

Public Works Act Consent


Refer to note 3

Reserves Act Consent


Refer to note 3

Appointing an Administering Body
(control and management of a reserve)



Waiver or reduction of a marginal strip


Refer to note 3

Acquisition of Public Conservation Land


Refer to note 2

Exchange of Public Conservation Land


Refer to note 2

Fee notes

  1. The land status check fee will be deducted where relevant from any subsequent processing application.

  2. Fees for acquisition and exchange processes are charged to the point of a decision to undertake, an estimate will be provided for remainder of work to complete, for example survey, valuations, subdivision requirements etc.
  3. Two forms are to be submitted, the SLM Application Form and the relevant SLM Form, 1a for Public Works Act consents and 1b for Reserves Act consents.

If an application is outside the scope of work relating to these fees or where there is no fee indicated, you will be provided with a cost estimate for your approval prior to work commencing.

Estimates are not binding and may change.

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