May 2023
This Regulatory Impact Statement provides an assessment of the proposal to modernise the publication requirements for conservation management planning documents.


DOC has a statutory requirement to ensure that documents are made available for public inspection in places likely to encourage public participation. This statutory requirement is interpreted as DOC being required to provide hard copies of planning documents at DOC offices.

The advent of the internet means the public increasingly access planning documents online. This has reduced the demand for access to hard copies and so many of the hard copies go unused. Printing hard copies that go unused is an ineffective use of DOC resources and creates waste. DOC has estimated that 80 to 90% of printed copies go unused.

This Regulatory Impact Statement compares with the status quo an amendment to legalisation that would mean the publication of conservation management strategies, conservation management plans, and national park management plans is digital-by-default with documents available to view if requested.

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