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Ensure you and your family/friends have a safe and enjoyable expedition by planning ahead of time and taking the necessary supplies. Earn a Kiwi Guardians medal for becoming an Expedition Leader.

Going for a short walk is a great way to exercise, explore nature, and spend some time with your family/friends.

Download this activity

Be a toa kaiwhakataka – expedition leader activity sheet (PDF, K)


Plan your trip

If you’re looking for inspiration on where to go, check out our short walks list.

Stay safe in the outdoors and follow the five essential steps of the Land Safety Code.

Minimise your impact

Plan to have as little impact as possible on the environment, other people and heritage relics when enjoying activities.

Know before you go

Claim your Kiwi Guardians Toa kaiwhakataka – Expedition leader medal

Tell us about your expedition, how your preparation went, and what you would do differently next time.

Complete the claim form to tell us about your activity, and we'll send you a medal. Each Kiwi Guardians action has a different medal – see how many you can collect.

Share what you did

The team at Toyota Kiwi Guardians would love to hear about what you did. Send us an email, or share something online using #KiwiGuardians, so we can share it with others. Visit Kiwi Guardians on Facebook.

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