Mount Cook buttercup
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As the weather warms up, let’s treasure our wildlife and special places, and keep ourselves safe.


October and November are fantastic months to enjoy alpine blooms such as daisy/tikumu and the Mount Cook buttercup/kōpukupuku, the world’s biggest buttercup. 

Spring is an important time for our native species. Nesting birds, their eggs and offspring are particularly vulnerable to dogs, human disturbance and 4WD vehicles. Take particular care in riverbeds and coastal areas.

Walks, huts and campsites to enjoy

With so many places to choose from, we’ve picked some of the best spring experiences across Aotearoa including walks and bike rides, places to enjoy nature and heritage, and places to stay. 

North Island




Bay of Plenty

East Coast

Central North Island



Hawkes Bay



South Island



West Coast





Enjoying nature from home

For those of us unable to get outdoors, here are some activities you can do at home to let nature in and strengthen your wellbeing: Let nature in.

Staying safe

Spring weather changes fast. Check the forecast before you go, and always pack for bad weather just in case. Watch for snow and ice underfoot, and be extra vigilant in avalanche-prone areas or on trips that involve river crossings.

The five essential steps for staying safe:

  1. Choose the right trip for you – learn about the route and make sure you have the skills for it.
  2. Understand the weather – it can change fast. Check the forecast and change your plans if needed.
  3. Pack warm clothes and extra food. Prepare for bad weather and an unexpected night out.
  4. Share your plans and take ways to get help. Telling a trusted person your trip details and taking a distress beacon can save your life.
  5. Take care of yourself and each other. Eat, drink and rest with your group and make decisions together.

Visit the following pages to make the most of your time in nature and keep yourself safe. It’s also a good idea to contact or visit one of our visitor centres before you head out. 

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