Some activities on DOC lands require a licence, permit or concession. Make sure you know and abide by the rules of the area you’re visiting.

To undertake certain activities on land administered by the Department of Conservation, a licence, permit or concession is required.

Activities which require permits, licences or concessions include hunting, fishing and commercial activities.

Some areas of conservation land which are particularly sensitive require special permits to visit them, for example some offshore islands.

Permits or licenses are required for trout and salmon fishing and for hunting game birds, such as ducks, geese and pheasants.

DOC manages trout fishing in Lake Taupō and whitebait fishing nationally.

A separate organisation, Fish & Game New Zealand, have responsibilities for sports fish (trout and salmon) and game birds.

Fish and Game New Zealand can provide useful information about hunting and angling regulations, access and codes of conduct.

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