Our definitions for roles and responsibilities for Jobs for Nature projects.

Delivery Partner

The person or entity who enters the funding agreement with us. The Delivery Partner will deliver outcomes and milestones as per the signed funding agreement, and conduct reporting as outlined in how to report.

How to report on your Jobs for Nature project.

Delivery Manager (DOC)

The DOC staff member accountable for monitoring the performance of the Delivery Partner. The Delivery Manager will provide an initial level of assurance on reporting with the following tasks:

  • analyse and verify reports
  • identify, resolve, and escalate critical issues and risks
  • recommend decision on releasing milestone payments.

Jobs for Nature Advisor (DOC)

The DOC staff member within our Jobs for Nature Team assigned to monitor a specific funding agreement. The Advisor will provide the next level of assurance on reporting with the following tasks:

  • Help to set-up reporting requirements and expectations.
  • Receive and review reports.
  • Process documents for audits and payments.

Relationship Manager (DOC)

The DOC staff member accountable for the health of the relationship with the Delivery Partner. Sometimes, the Delivery Manager also performs this role.

COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme

If a staff member must isolate and are unable to do JFN work, you should seek COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme from the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).

The scheme must be used to pay your isolating workers’ salary. If it does not cover their full salary, you can top it up using JFN funds to pay their full wage. If you are not eligible for the Leave Support Scheme or have challenges accessing it, raise this with your Delivery Manager.

It's important that you let your Delivery Manager know if you’re claiming a subsidy for any of your staff members and whether you are using JFN funding to top up wages. We’ll also ask you about this in reporting.    

Talk to your Delivery Manager if you think using JFN funding top up the subsidy will have a significant impact on meeting the deliverables in your funding agreement.


If you require assistance with your project, contact your DOC Delivery Manager in the first instance.

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