Peter Owen and Hazel Holmes work together on the conservation course
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Where to find a job related to Jobs for Nature, and what kind of skills our partners are looking for.

Where to find jobs

Jobs funded by Jobs for Nature will be advertised through our partners who are leading these initiatives. You can also check with your local and regional council, iwi, Landcare Trust and QEII National Trust.

You may also be able to contact funded projects directly.

List of projects funded by Jobs for Nature.

Job length and skills

Most of the jobs are being designed to be temporary. This will mean a higher number of people cycling or rotating through them until their previous employment or business recovers.

You may need to have specialised skills such as project management or more general skills such as pest control, planting, and weeding. In some cases, we're offering training to help upskill potential workers.


We're working to identify projects that will produce great outcomes for job creation and conservation. We are also using criteria to match jobs and projects to regions that are most impacted by COVID-19 and the downturn in international visitors.

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